For Advertisers 

Cambridge Media understands the importance that specialist communication provides to the advertiser, the Society and, of course, the readership. As a result we constantly develop new, innovative and mutually beneficial strategies with advertisers.

Exposure in a credible professional journal provides advertisers with the knowledge their message will reach the highly segmented audiences they are looking to target. With the diverse range of communication opportunities that exist today, it is vital to identify targeted publications to maximise the effectiveness of available budgets. Exposure in less targeted publications often means valuable advertising budgets can be wasted.

For Societies, it is vital to have a good mix of credible, ethical advertisers within their publications to promote their standing to the wider professional and corporate markets. Only advertising that is compatible with the image of and acceptable to the Society is accepted.

For the readership, this exposure to new products and services means keeping up to date with the latest innovations is easily facilitated, leading to better practice for all.

Contact our Sales Director, Simon Henriques, for advertising rates and further information.